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Calcium Chloride
Moisture Vapor Test Kits

Calcium Chloride Moisture Vapor Emission Test Kits

The calcium chloride vapor emission test was developed over 40 years ago to quantify the volume of water vapor radiating from a concrete slab surface over time. This test is directly specified by the vast majority of the Floor Covering Industry as the primary measure of moisture acceptability for floor covering installation. 

Use this test to model the amount of moisture that emits from 1,000 square feet of slab surface in 24 hours. The result is expressed as "pounds" which is the equivalent weight of water, emitted as vapor, over 1,000 square feet in 24 hours. Use this result to compare to Manufacturer's specifications for floor covering or coating tolerances. Always reference a copy of the Manufacturer's specifications when reporting results using this test.

This test requires the use of a gram-weight scale with a gradation of 1/10th (0.1) gram. The calcium chloride container is weighed before and after exposure to the concrete slab. It is highly recommended that the test be weighed prior to, and directly after exposure on the same scale. This is a very sensitive and highly accurate test when conducted properly. Differences between two scales and extended time between weighing can offset the test result.

DO NOT conduct this test unless the building environment is representative of the actual working climate. While the test can measure moisture in a wide range of building climates, the results are only meaningful when conducted in a similar building environment as the finished floor system. Obtaining meaningful results is only possible when tests are conducted in a representative interior climate.


The calcium chloride desiccant container has a label that easily allows for the recording of all pertinent facts related to the test.

Calcium chloride tests are packaged in 3-Packs, 12-Packs and 100-Pack cartons. All packs contain pH test kits.

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