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Relative Humidity
& Dew-Point Instruments

Measure room temperature, humidity and concrete dew point.

Mannix Instruments manufacturers a wide variety of electronic instruments for measuring humidity, temperature and airflow.

The Mannix digital thermo-hygrometer is ideal for measuring the building temperature and relative humidity prior to testing. 

The Mannix surface thermometer with k-type probe is ideal for measuring concrete slab surface temperature.

Simply touch the wire probe to any surface and instantly measure the temperature. Ideal for slab surface measurement, and 1,000 other things. 

Once the slab surface temperature is known, a button on the Mannix thermo-hygrometer instantly shows the temperature the slab must be to achieve dew point at the surface.  

In this photo, the slab must be 51 degrees in order for dew point and condensation to occur. As a rule of thumb, allow +5 degrees. Dew point can occur from 51 to 56 degrees.


Mannix Digital Temperature Humidity Indicator with Clock

Ideal for jobsites, factories, and offices.  This attractive, compact unit allows you to maintain desired temperature and humidity throughout the day.  It monitors time, temperature, and humidity.  The clock features an alarm & snooze button with an indicator in AM/PM to store minimum and maximum measurements. Can be wall or desk mounting.  Supplied with 1 "AAA" battery.


  • Temperature range: 14 to 122F (-10 to 50C)
  • Humidity range: 20 to 99% RH
  • Temperature accuracy: 1.8F (1C)
  • Humidity accuracy: 5% RH
  • Temperature resolution: 0.1
  • Humidity resolution: 1%
  • Dimensions (L x W x D): 4.25" x 2.5" x .5" (107 x 65 x 15mm)